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6 years 41 weeks ago
The fortunate ones amongst us at some time or another own old jewellery such as gold and silver ornaments, charms, broaches, gold time pieces, indeed all sorts of valuable precious metals and may occasionally wonder where to obtain the best price for gold. It is common these days for items of gold and silver jewellery that are damaged or simply out of fashion, stuck in a drawer somewhere, perhaps disregarded as anything of real value.
6 years 42 weeks ago
1919 was the year that the buying and selling gold prices in London and the UK began to be determined via what is acknowledged as the London Spot (price) Fix. Essentially this represents the gold price per ounce and includes other precious metals such as silver, platinum and palladium and happens daily at approx. 10:30 and 15:00 GMT through a brief conference call among the five members of the London Gold Pool (Scotia-Mocatta, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Société Générale).
6 years 43 weeks ago
Best Price for Gold are proud to announce that we have secured full membership to the prestigious British Jewellers Association (BJA)
6 years 44 weeks ago
When dealing with my customers who wish to sell scrap gold to me they quite often say to me “well this gold jewellery box has been sitting in the cupboard around the house doing nothing and we are not going to wear it so may as well sell the gold for scrap and enjoy the proceeds now…..” Well you do have options……….
6 years 45 weeks ago
The high current prices for gold is such that we want to look after and treasure it if you pardon the pun! To make sure your gold keeps its appeal and looking in top notch condition will only increase the value of your items ensuring a best price for your gold should you decide to cash in and sell your gold.
6 years 47 weeks ago
As part of our non-bias approach to our blog articles we offer some good solid information on how to get the best price for your gold. Obvious to some, not so to others! Listed below are some common sense tips we hope you will find useful.