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5 years 1 week ago
What is Vintage 15 carat gold ? High Current prices for gold means that any lucky recipient of vintage gold has a valuable item in their possession! 15 carat gold is gold of.625 purity that is 62.5% of a piece is gold. Highest grade gold is obviously very expensive and is also quite soft so it is mixed with other materials or alloys to give a harder and cheaper material that is more suitable and longer lasting than pure gold for use in jewellery.
5 years 10 weeks ago
Best Price for Gold are well known for supplying gold buying services throughout the UK but do have a special emphasis on Essex and Hertfordshire as this is where we are based! So we are outlining how you can sell gold Essex and sell gold Hertfordshire without the need to use the postal service.
5 years 26 weeks ago
Best price for gold is pleased to announce an update to its services in Hertfordshire and  Essex including the border counties of Bucks, Beds, Cambs and Northants which is listed below; Office appointment services You are invited by appointment to visit us at our Ware office where our friendly gold expert will assess and value your gold and valuables with no obligation on your part. Please remember to contact us for an appointment and more details. Visiting services
5 years 38 weeks ago
Best and Highest UK gold price? Gold Calculator Todays metal prices are here to your left of your screen, just enter the known purity of your scrap items plus enter the weight to see your immediate price of gold per gram based on the today’s metal price.
5 years 39 weeks ago
Scrap Gold Content Discrepencies There are times when there seems to be a grey area when dealing with non british hallmarked gold and this includes Indian gold. The industry has often experienced unfortunate situations where sections of jewellery are well below the norm in terms of gold content, sometimes as low as 14 carat much to the horror to some customers which of course can seriously affect the gram price of gold.
5 years 40 weeks ago
Our Gold Buyer service When customers sell scrap gold they immediately think, what is the best price for gold I can get? Initial thoughts on this are “yes, absolutely!” OK just stand back a little and look into this in a tad more detail. In these times of cut backs, sure making the most, financial wise from any unwanted gold is important but a friendly with a “nothing is too much trouble attitude to customer service” and indeed honesty must surely come into the equation?