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7 years 8 weeks ago
Any of our customers who are researching how to obtain a best price for gold may have come across the subject matter and term “Gold Futures”. Ever wondered what this term means?  
7 years 9 weeks ago
  A hallmark comprises three compulsory marks, the standard (fineness) mark, the office (place) mark and the sponsor's (maker's) mark. These are stamped (or laser-engraved) into the metal by an assay office. Please see the best price for gold hallmark chart.
7 years 14 weeks ago
How can the weather influence the worlds gold prices you may say! Well it can and does.  
7 years 15 weeks ago
This article is aimed at providing simple, impartial, honest, and good common sense advice on how to obtain the best prices for your gold and silver.
7 years 16 weeks ago
This is a brief introduction to the world of the British gold sovereign and as the price of gold per gram increases more and more customers are deciding to sell their prized assets. The first British gold sovereign was circulated in 1489 by Henry VII, and half sovereign via Henry VIII whilst the mass produced gold sovereign’s we know today begun in 1817 during the reign of George III.  
7 years 19 weeks ago
The price of Gold per gram is high at present albeit with frequent fluctuations. The price of gold tends to increase when the economy is performing poorly. Over the last two years, gold prices have dramatically increased. Though the price has dipped a tad since reaching record highs in 2011 and 2012, gold still shines for any prospective buyer or seller.